Skiing requires a lot more physical effort than perhaps perceived. I’m guilty of letting my fitness drop in recent months, and I paid the price early on during my recent ski trip. I know from past experience that not only does my body hurt less after a day on the slopes, I also ski much better when I’m fitter.

Here are some exercises you can do at home that will help you get ski ready.

Quadriceps: My quads are always the first to burn as they are probably the most used muscle group in skiing. These muscles hold you in position as you ski and give protection to your knees. If you’re new to skiing and haven’t quite master parallel turns, they’ll have to work even harder.
Exercises include: squats and lunges.

Hamstrings and Glutes: When skiing, you will usually be in a flexed position (leaning forward from the hip). Your hamstrings and glutes will help to stabilise your body.
Exercises include: step ups and deadlifts

Inner and Outer thighs: Your inner thighs work to keep your skis together, whilst your outer thighs help to to steer and keep your body stabilised.
Exercises include: side lunges and leg lifts

Calves: Because your knees are bent as you ski, your calves help keep to in an upright position.
Exercises include: calve raises and box jumps

Arms: Along with your back, arms help you push with your poles particularly when stuck on a flat run.
Exercises include: push ups and dips

Abs and Back: In a flexed position, your abs and back have to work hard to maintain position.
Exercises include: crunches and plank

Do you have any fitness tips for winter sports?

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