Society tells us that in order to be ‘normal’ we need to work hard, buy a house, get married and have children. I’ve done the first two, most of my friends have already done all four. But, why isn’t is acceptable for us to break away from the never ending merry-go-round and do something different? Going travelling is more acceptable now than it’s ever been, but people still look at me like I’m bonkers when I tell them my dream is to travel the world. Why am I deemed as not ‘normal’ for not wanting to sit in an office looking a numbers on a computer screen for eight hours a day? I can’t think of anyone who is happy doing that! Would’t we all be happier if we just followed our dreams?

I used to care what people thought of me, always wanting people to like me! My parents are only impressed by financial gain, all they are interested in how much someone earns and what things cost. As a result I became quite materialistic, I had to have the best of everything. I wanted to show my family that I was successful, but it was still never good enough and I quickly realised I don’t want to turn out like that. Money isn’t everything!

After being together for over 7 years everyone in our lives expects marriage and children to  our next step in life. I’ve never wanted children, people always said I’ll change my mind as I got older but I haven’t. By the time we intend to travel I will be 28 and Andy will be 33, so by making this decision we will be pretty much committing ourselves to never having children. Maybe I will live to regret that choice, who knows? As for marriage, we get asked this all time. Every wedding we attend we get the comments ‘it will be you next’ or ‘isn’t it about time you pair got married’. I’m not saying we will never get married, but we feel no need to at the moment in time.

I’m sick of trying to impress people. From now on I’m doing what makes me happy, not other people!


  1. freshyellow says:

    Preach! I am on the same boat as you. I am on this path of conformity and find it so daunting to see my whole future laid out in front of me. I do have a big change coming up that I cannot wait to post about soon 🙂 you’re not alone! Keep at your dreams


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