The plan so far? Good question! In all honesty, we haven’t really got one yet. All we know is that we are hoping to have set off on our journey by February next year. In the meantime, there is still a lot of things to sort out. We have money to save, a house to decorate and find tenants for, a huge amount of stuff we’ve accumulated over the years to get rid of, and the best home possible for my beautiful horse.

Flight prices on Skyscanner are just starting to become available for February next year. My latest idea is to fly to Hong Kong then travel over land  in to Vietnam. Although, my ideas change on a weekly basis, next week it will be something different. Where ever we go, we want to find work. I’m constantly looking on HelpEx for volunteer work in return for accommodation and food. Our preferred work would probably be hospitality; I worked in bars before getting in to finance and Andy is a joiner by trade so would a useful guy to have around the place, he can put his hand to most jobs.

In terms of saving, we already have some savings in the bank as we’d been saving to buy another house before we decided to travel. We have cut back on our spending but, we could cut back a lot more than we have been doing. We’ve agreed that we won’t go on holiday this year, other than visiting family in Cornwall and possibly my sister’s house in France, both of which are super cheap, we just have to pay to get there.  As much as we need to cut back a little in order to save more, we do still want some form of a life between now and then.

Do I have any worries? Yes, my biggest worry is that Andy will back out. In my head, we’re going but, he’s not as 100% as I am. He wants to travel but he wants us to be comfortable financially in our old age. I completely understand where he’s coming from, I want us to be comfortable too however, it doesn’t worry me like it does him. At the rate the UK is going retirement age will be 70 by the time we get to it. Yes, working hard now might mean we have more money in our old age but, who knows what our health might be like at that age?

Do you have any travel plans? How long did it take you decided where to go?

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