..minus the obvious.

My hairdresser – After years of dodgey DIY cuts and bleaching, I finally got some professional help around a year ago. My hair stylist, is a super talented man who’s done wonders on restoring my hair to its former glory. I’ve been a bottle blonde for a as long as I can remember, I’m not looking forward to transitioning back to dark hair. With travelling in mind we have already started the process of going from full on platinum blonde to more of an ombre style, maybe this way I’ll be able to keep at least some of my blonde locks.

Blog picture-2

Pizza – Me and Andy LOVE pizza, we eat it almost every weekend. Yes, we can eat pizza in any country but, if we are out in the sticks and want to live frugally we need to eat local food, so pizza will have to be a very occasional treat.

My bed – Who doesn’t love their own bed, epically with some fresh sheets on? From my limited experience of bed in Aisa, I don’t think they will ever compare to the comfort of our memory foam king-size bed.

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Make-up – Yes, I admit it, I’m a little vein when it comes to my appearance, but don’t we all like to try and look our best?. I wear make-up on a daily basis, I  rarely leave the house without it. Not only is it an added expense we could do without, I can’t cope with wearing make-up in a hot climate, it just melts off my face. I’m going to have to learn to embrace having a bare face.

Trashy TV – Due to working long hours we spend a lot of our time veggin’ out on the sofa watching TV. Whilst we do enjoy the news, documentaries, and programs based on true events, more often than not we are that tiered in an evening that we prefer to watch programs that require much concentration. I’m ashamed to admit it but, programs such as TOWIE, MIC, Love Island and Ex on the Beach are all on series link on our tele. I’m even more ashamed to admit that I actually like all of those programs too.

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Glastonbury Festival 2011

Live music – Music is a big part of both of our lives. See live bands is something we look forward to, we often make a whole weekend away of it. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing some bands in different countries but I’m not sure the likes of bands such as Arctic Monkeys will be touring some of the places we intend on visiting. My Apple Music subscription is just another expense we can do without. Over the next year I want to rip as many albums on to a USB stick as possible.

My black wardrobe – By this I mean my horde of black clothing. I live in black, I have hardly any colour in my wardrobe. My signature look is a little rock chic. I live in black skinny jeans and leather jacket, unfortunately they aren’t suitable to traveling in Asia. When we travel I tend to adopt a more bohemian style. Yes, it’s incredibly ‘cliché’ for travellers to go all boho/ hippyfied but my super baggy harem trousers and Birkinstocks are really comfortable when I’m travelling. If that makes me a cliché traveller, then so be it!

Blog picture-4

Les Arcs, France 2017

Skiing – If you read my blog, you will know we are keen skiers! Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much snow in Asia. If we can make it to New Zealand, we might try and get some in but it will depend how our bank balance is looking.

What would you miss about home?

15 thoughts on “THINGS I’LL MISS ABOUT HOME…

  1. Lisa - The Wandering Lens says:

    Oh goodness, totally with you on missing your hairdresser! I was the same and was blonde before travelling then had to change back to brown in France because my French skills didn’t exactly translate ‘blonde foils’ well! I’ve gone back to box blonde now so don’t worry too much…you’ll find a way 🙂


    • Any Place But Home says:

      If you got a bad one in France, I’d hate to think what I’d come out with in Asia 😂. I wish I could take my hairdresser with me. I may have to resort back to DIY dyes if I can’t cope with dark hair.


  2. Danie says:

    Do you need to give all these things up? Could you maybe consider scaling back- a good matte lipstick, and waterproof mascara (I love eyeko sport mascara), and black… well… why not black and grey? It always looks polished, doesn’t show stains… black harem trousers and black tanks? Yes please….!!!


  3. Sandra Henriques Gajjar says:

    Raising my hand for the trashy TV here! Don’t we all need that mind-numbing distraction from time to time? Then again, I’m sure you’ll be too busy with your travels to even think about it. When I was in Bangkok I had an urge to eat my mom’s baked beans… LOL (but that might have been because I had been sick with a pharyngitis)


    • Any Place But Home says:

      There’s nothing better than some trashy TV after a stressful day at work. I’m sure I won’t give half of these things a second thought once we’re gone. Baked beans with lots of cheese on some toast is so simple yet so tasty!


  4. What's Katie Doing? says:

    Some of these issues are so real!! I had to get my hair cut twice when I was travelling – once in Vietnam and once in Ecuador and it didn’t turn out too bad! I wouldn’t trust anyone with colour though….

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lula Aventura says:

    Haha I’m the same with trashy TV, I don’t know what it is about these programmes that makes them so watchable!! Gigs too, we’re very lucky to live somewhere where concerts are affordable and a lot of bands / singers play here, it’s pretty rare actually. Anyway, I’m sureeee the adventures will outweigh the things you’ll miss 🙂


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